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"What do you want Charlie?" My eyes widened as I stared at Ayden in shock. Did he not hear anything I had just said? Or maybe, he wanted what I had tried to hide from him for so long. The truth. "Charlie..." I felt my eyes sting, a fresh wave of tears threatening to fall. "I-I want what most people have. A safe haven away from my own personal living hell...I d-don't want to live like this anymore." "I want to be loved." For Charlie Graham happiness is only two things. Furthering his singing career and getting away from his abusive boyfriend. Never did he ask for the pain that his boyfriend endows upon him, or even the complicated relationship that slowly forms with one of his backup dancers. Yet, everything in his life turns from bad to worse when the pop star goes missing from the public, his world becoming a personal hell. So many times he has to ask himself, is life even worth living anymore? ~Book one of the Melancholic Adornment Collection~ ~Unedited

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