Yes, Master
By artfreak1864
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| MATURE CONTENT | "You are fuckíng mine. Do you understand that?" That harsh growl echoed in my head.. His words scarring my mind. I could feel the heat of his body pressed against mine from behind, his breath against my ear, and it took me everything not to give in. It was enough for me to turn my head very slightly and with that same certainty and confidence reflected in my eyes, I looked at him. He knew how to tempt me, how to control me, how to have me on my knees whenever he pleased.. But I knew how to take over the strings with just one look. The darkness in those green eyes softened the second I looked at him.. His gaze tracing and moving from my eyes to my lips, and then all over again.. I could see the anger crystal clear in those emeralds, the madness, and I knew that a punishment was waiting for me. But I was the only one that could tame him. And I knew exactly how. With just a small lean, I got on my tiptoes and turned my head a bit more.. I was determined to get what I wanted from him.. My freedom. But it took time and patience to change his blinding obsession into love. I was the human and he was the vampire. But I knew exactly how to compel him. I blinked slowly as I brushed my lips against his.. I could feel his hands around my waist from behind, moving over my stomach and pulling me closer. He was giving in.. And perhaps so was I.. The silkiness on his lips against mine gave me chills, somehow once again blurring my mind. And just before I kissed him, I heard myself mumble. "All yours." * This was a preview from prologue. Press read if you want to read the full description. The full version is from a male POV. WARNING: Strong language // Sexual scenes (16+) | This story is marked as MATURE


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Yes, Mast...
by artfreak1864