Gray Valley
By bloodandfullmoon
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WARNING This story hasn't been edited yet. My writing is not polished, but it will be rewritten after it is completed. HIGHEST RANKING #20 in Memories #328 in Werewolf After the death of her only family: her mother, Weslyn Grayson is nothing but an orphaned, 17-year-old, outsider. Having no memories before the age of 9, she delves into her past, only to find that all her leads direct to a seemingly ordinary, insignificant, small town: Gray Valley. Weslyn forever had the complex of being different and even at first glance, Gray Valley is definitely not normal. And although, at first the town does nothing but baffle her; in good time, everything starts to make sense. It is evident, now, that she is different... But maybe being different isn't for the worst.

g r a y v a l l e y

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Gray Vall...
by bloodandfullmoon