Patient of Eternity...
By aoifeymollo
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"I will wait, dear. A Patient of Eternity, my crush. A universal still, no rust." ... Charlotte has always had a rather morbid obsession with death. After losing her father at a tender age, and her mother some years later, Charlotte is left all alone in the world with no one to depend on. That is, until she meets the Undertaker, the man who deals with death as though it is the most beautiful part of life. Under his tuition, she begins to learn the secrets of his dark trade -- and in turn, also begins to question whether or not the man she is slowly falling in love with is entirely human... (cover by @violinfreakk ) NOTE: This story was first published on the sixth of August 2013 -- meaning that any information which has been fabricated may conflict with subsequent chapters of manga. Please remember this!

Enter, Undertaker

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Patient o...
by aoifeymollo