The Siren of Lorele...
By Victoria_Brooks
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Meet Jonathan - a typical American teen, who just likes to have fun. However, the day has come when he is to travel to Germany, where he will stay with his aunt and uncle during the summer to help in their shop. This is anything but fun for him. But that's until things start to get interesting. After meeting a girl and being thrown into an extraordinary situation, one feared by the locals, Jonathan learns of a century old myth that still haunts the small German town. Meanwhile, Jonathan ventures further to get to know this mysterious girl. Meeting atop Lorelei Rock at midnight, Jonathan is unknowingly pulled deeper into trouble until one night when he makes a discovery he finds hard to believe. Struggling between family and vacant love, Jonathan is forced to make a difficult decision - one that means life or death! Based upon the German myth of Lorelei. This story was entered in Target's #OnceUponNow contest, and is now entered in the #Wattys2016.

Part 1. Welcome to Frankfurt

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The Siren...
by Victoria_Brooks