Run away, Darling ?...
By FilipinaPrimadonna
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When a princess escapes Saint Olga's reform school for wayward princesses, leaving behind a contract of betrothal, she finds herself hiding in the safety of a planet called earth. Little did she know that danger was always her best mate and the hands of fate were never in her favor. Attending school, fighting monsters and trying hard not to get caught were just a taste of the challenges to come. Whilst figuring out which path she'll partake, the princess is given an important mission by the royalties of Mewni. She then gets tangled with the famous Star Butterfly and falls for an earth boy named Marco Diaz that has yet to know about her true origins. She wasn't looking for trouble, trouble was looking for her. Posters are up, the Arcan task force notified and an angry groom is searching for a missing princess. A decision between love, friendship and responsibility must be made. For so long she feared a few words, a few words that eventually decided her destiny; "Run away, Darling."


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Run away...
by FilipinaPrimadonna