Petal by Petal
By somethingyours
  • Teen Fiction
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❝be brave, be strong, you are loved, you belong,❞ Annabel Frampton is her family's proud and joy; a top student, caring sister, thoughtful friend and a lovely daughter. ❝we feel, we hear, your pain, your fear,❞ But she is far from who she pretend to be. No one knows about her internet life, the two a.m. sighs and tears, the war in her mind, the constant battle between who she is and who she wants to be, no one except for the petals she collected ever since she was a little girl, soaked in the water on her study desk facing the street. ❝but we’re here, to stay, who you are, is okay,❞ That's when a guy comes, stumbling into her life, with a ying-yang tattoo on his wrist. Under his sleeve, there's a guy no one knows; not even his little sister. Mason went through enough to know who to trust and who not to. See, everyone has a reason why they are the way they are now; a story. Both Mason and Annabel are going to reveal their own story, one way or another, as they learn how to accept, trust, forgive, and most importantly, to love. [reader's discretion is advised as this story is about battling mental illnesses, don't read if you don't feel comfortable.]

Petal by Petal

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Petal by...
by somethingyours