In a city of Fools
By laranicole-lani
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Josephine has lived in Paris her whole life. She is also the perfect daughter, she plays the piano, the violin, the cello, and many other instruments for her father, she models here and there and also is a member of the high society group for her mother. Everything that means anything to her is in Paris but her parents after living almost twenty years in Paris decide to go back to their home, meaning America. She hates the idea of moving far away from everything she has ever known but keeping up with her perfect daughter persona she doesn't protest and lets her parents whisk her away. Now in America she notices how different everything is, she hates it! but still doesn't do anything until she meets the boy who will make her loose her cool.

ch1 In a city of fools

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In a city...
by laranicole-lani