Best Friends In Love
By crystalrose11
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(COMPLETED) (UNDER MAJOR EDITING) (SARAH AND JAYS STORY COMING SOON) I look at Shane and glare at him. "I hate you, you know. You're suppose to be my best friend not my body guard!" I practically yell He starts walking towards me, determination in every step. I back away hitting a wall behind me. "You're my best friend" he says angrily "and I'm not going to let some jerk hurt you!" I frown "well I can defend myself Shane. I know how to, I'm not stupid!" "Guys like that don't deserve girls like you!" "I get to choose who I like, not you!" "No" he says "I'm not going to let you. Either you break up with him or. . ." "Or what!" I challenge looking into his blue eyes He stares at me with a hazed expression. "Or this" he says backing me against the wall and slamming his lips on mine . . . *** Authors note- I wrote this when I was 15 years old!so don't judge it too harshly! Please vote and comment! Please enjoy! Slowly editing! -Shout out too@najiyakavungal for the awesome new cover!!

Chapter 1

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Best Frie...
by crystalrose11