Tales Beneath a Whi...
By EllenFairyBlue4
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Book One of The Moon and Grim Reaper Trilogy Parentless, Elizabeth Cobalt has a difficult role in life as an adolescent. A role that seems to result in her play-along personality front for her grandfather, unwanted popularity as the future leader, and a possible loss at true love. Besides that, she has taken up the task of the responsibility of keeping her kid brother, Sebastian, her secret, from her prejudice grandfather. With Sebastian being eleven, it's only natural that he wishes to explore. His exploring and inexperience of survival was one sure way to keep the young leader-to-be on her toes. Growing up is never easy, especially when he has no playmates to help him on his way, and he is alone for most of his life. Follow Elizabeth on her journey to care for a child and maintain her duties among her pack while dealing with the possibility of an all out battle against the local vampire clan. December 2016 cover by: Cover by: _trapt Cover by: @ALRautio Cover2016, Nov. 11, by @MoreBooksMoreJoy

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