Unwritten | A Novel
By StoriesRain
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Tao was devastated when he had to move out of his small town in the United States to China. But his dad lost his job again, so they were on the move. It had been five years since fifth grade, and he was confident about starting 11th grade on a somewhat new start. But nobody remembers him. His old friends, old teachers, nobody knew him or could remember him, his past was Unwritten. It seems like life was at it's worst, but apparently he was mistaken. His parents get into fights, people at school bully him, and life seems to be at it's worst. Ky's father left him and his mother at age two, and never got to meet him. All his life he's been an outcast, and no one has ever understood him. Everybody knew him, but nobody wanted to get to know him better than 'that one guy.' Tao and Ky meet up, and think that they can motivate themselves to find who they are, and write themselves. • Disclaimer • Unwritten has elements from my life, and the times that really hurt me. Moments of the book may be intense for some viewers.

Chapter 1 - Not Alone

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by StoriesRain