Beauty and the Beet...
By AdelynAnn
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As Clementine Bell has learned, running a successful NYC patisserie is tougher than it looks. Even with training in classical French baking from the best school in the world, getting people to walk through the doors to the Clementhyme Bakery proves much more difficult than drawing millions of viewers to her sensational baking vlogs. With the overdue rent piling up, Clementine's mother has the idea to enter her into a televised baking competition with a staggering $250,000 cash prize. Clementine isn't thrilled with the idea of competing on national television, that is until the producers let slip that her infuriatingly talented pastry school classmate and rival has been invited to participate. Sequestered on set in a partially renovated chateau in southern France, all of Clementine's knowledge of pastry is put to the test, but can this pastry purist outlast her competition to save her bakery in an arena where the culinary arts have become a spectator sport?

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Beauty an...
by AdelynAnn