Cybertronian Heart
By Vspear
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(Transformers fanfic) (The sequel to Robotic Love) Dear reader: My name is Victoria, I was chosen by a species called Cybertronians from the planet Cybertron at a young age. I saved the world along with my friends, comrades, and my new boyfriend Bumblebee. Peace was restored upon earth, but everything was to peaceful. Megatron was dead, and I had a vision of him coming back with a new evil called the fallen, Optimus in trusted me to protect one piece of the all spark while Nest kept the other. I didn't ask to be chosen but I was, I sometimes asked Optimus what was my true purpose for being chosen. I'm a small human being, they're giant robots, who thought that they would mix, falling in love with each other, no matter the species. We're more alike than we think, but sometimes I wish that I could l eave my human side behind and become a full cybertronian. You know what they say, 'be careful what you wish for', you might just get it. ( I do not own transformers only my Oc) (DISCONTINUED)

* Authors Note *

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by Vspear