Savior (Officer In...
By cherrypop12
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This is just being put temporarily on hold for the moment as I catch up with writing chapters! Last update: 25th November 2018 Lori Bradbury has always had a penchant for the bad boys but becoming a mother has tamed that instinct straight down. When all of 6'4'' hunky man-meat Rowdy Hart moves in next door looking like bad news with a capital B, Lori's hibernating instincts perk up again. Only this time, she can't afford to throw caution to the wind and set a bad example for her impressionable teenage daughter. Meanwhile, Rowdy Hart has his own set of problems working undercover in a local biker gang on the brink of destruction. He can't afford distractions or attractions on the job but just as he starts to accept Lori Bradbury may be a fixture in his life, tragedy strikes. Left panicked, it's up to Rowdy to make sure Lori does not lose the most precious thing in her life.

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Savior (O...
by cherrypop12