Friend Of The Dead
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"They witnessed her destruction, They were left to wonder why, She saw nothing but darkness, Though the stars shone in her eyes, But maybe they'd forgotten, When they failed to see the cracks, That a stars's light shines the brightest, When it's starting to collapse." Sophie Swan is strange, a quiet, quick, unpredictable oddity of a girl who always wears gloves and sketches people that she's never met. She moves back to the sleepy town of Forks with the intention of slaying her demons and reconciling with her past. However she does not expect the underlying darkness that has manifested itself underneath the small-town cover of Forks, nor the tangled web of lies that she uncovers to discover her sister at the heart of. Trying to survive the unexpected events that come her way, she discovers more about herself than she ever knew. How will this strange girl who confuses everyone by her uncanny actions get through the days without tipping off the edge? Moving back to her hometown, there may be just the right person to gain Sophie's interest. And there may be just the right person to solve the dark mystery that is Sophie Swan. ------------- A Twilight Fanfic ✅ In Progress ✅ {Warning!} The first few chapters are unedited, therefore cringey and full of typos. Please continue until you get to the edited parts. Disclaimer! The Twilight Saga does not belong to me! My original characters belong to me like Sophie. Other Characters that you do not recognise belongs to me, characters you do recognise belongs to Stephenie Meyer. All of Twilight Saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer. {Warning!} Excessive amount of blood, gore, and death with explicit detail.


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Friend Of...
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