I am Pregnant! And...
By Starzz_Lovergirl
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Dakota Flemming is an average 15 year old. Her 16th birthday is coming soon and she just found the perfect boyfriend, Travis. There relationship is going well until their agruement where Dakota ends up in a hospital and cluless to all those around her. Everything goes choatic after that. She finds herself having arguements with the love of her life, Travis, and then to find out that she is pregnant for him at the age of sixteen. To make matters worse, she finds out that her baby's father had made love to her bestest friend in the entire world, Sophia. She now tries to figure out how she is pregnant, especially since she is still a virgin and how to cope with knowing that devasting fact. Life is even harder for her as she is now known as the school's slut and the girl that ruined the mayor son's life. Dakota moves from being a popular, gorgeous teen that everyone loved to being the pregnant freak that Travis' life by making his father disown him. And to top that, Dakota has to deal with the weight gain of being pregnant and everyone calling her the fat bitch. Read on as she and Travis try to overcome their problems while coping with going to have a child at such a young age.

Chapter 1

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I am Preg...
by Starzz_Lovergirl