Angel of Death
By _One_True_Love_
  • Paranormal
  • angel
  • badass
  • fighter
  • love
  • mates
  • romance
  • vampire
  • werewolf


The Angel of Death. Feared by everyone that they don't even like talking about this mysterious creature. Little do they know that this "creature" just so happens to be a women and the only person that will be able to save them all. That is if she feels like it. Thea Salvatore has had a hard life. After surviving a horrible curse brought upon by a witch and losing people she loves she gives up on mankind. But what happens when a old friend is injured and she is the only one that can save him? Will she leave her home deep in the woods to go to the Kingdom of Shifters to help him? And will she save the world from the evil lurking by? And what about the King of Shifters being majorly protective and possessive of her? King Damien Black is a cruel, ruthless, ice cold man. For hundreds of years he has walked the earth and still has never found his mate. This has changed him. When his brother is fatally injured by a mysterious enemy he doesn't know what to do. That is until the most beautiful creature he has ever seen literally drops out of the sky.


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Angel of...
by _One_True_Love_