To Kill a Serpent
By angeltheory
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STILL BEING WRITTEN, I JUST TAKE MY TIME DUE TO DEPRESSION. of gods & heroes series: book i cover by: blackroguex | rough draft, wattpad edition | ❝This story begins in the exact same way as all the other stories that come before it, with a bit of magic, a bit of truth, and a once upon a time...❞ - When one seemingly innocent day in the the village leads Kai and his best friend Fin to some worn down, ancient book hosting a god, wouldn't the first thing for one to do is leave it there for a stronger, more skillful adventurer? Unfortunately, things aren't always THAT easy, especially for Kai and his no-good rotten luck. Being the [last-resort] keepers of the Creed, Kai and Fin must team up with two others to journey to the edge of Fell and hand said book to the greatest druid of all time -- and maybe stumble across the end of humanity, a rising war, and an angry god. But none of that matters as long as you're having fun... right?

to kill a serpent.

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To Kill a...
by angeltheory