Damn you! I'm a Gir...
By Yulie_Shiori
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Eclair Lockwood. One and only female amazona in their group. Madalas siyang tuksuin ng nakararami dahil sa kilos at pananamit niya, isama mo na rin ang kanyang mga nilalaro. Lalaki siyang kumilos at gumalaw pero sa puso niya ay tunay naman itong babae. Although that is not the problem here. Eclair made a vow with her four best friends that they won't ever fall inlove with her and they will be just FRIENDS. But one day... Kyle, her best friend confessed his feelings that made her world changed. Dumagdag lang iyon nang malaman niyang gusto rin siya ng mga kaibigan niya. How will she end up choosing a guy if in the first place, she doesn't want to open her heart to anyone else? Especially the promise that they made when they were still young? ***** Highest rank in Teen Fiction: #10 Highest Rank in Boyish Tags: #5 ***** Date Started: June 22, 2016 Date Finished: December 20, 2016 Written by: Yulie_Shiori Cover made by: @Hironine


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Damn you...
by Yulie_Shiori