Deserve! *Sample*
By background21
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"I still don't understand how Dad fell for my Mom. I mean she is Indian and he is Australian. How did he?" I asked him tapping my chin. "That's the specialty of Indian women. Anyone can fall in love with them." He replied shrugging like it is the silliest question. "Do only Indian women have that specialty or even men?" I asked raising my eyebrow. "Of course!" he replied pulling me to him. "But I am unable to see anything special in you though." I mumbled to which he narrowed his eyes. "Then the problem must be in you." He mumbled back with a strong glare. "Ouch! Anyway, do you have the specialty you are saying to deserve me?" I asked him smirking. "What?" he asked with shocked face. I laughed before pushing him away and rushed towards the main gate thinking he will just catch me. However, I turned around and asked him "Do you?" with a serious tone this time. ---------- A girl who wishes that the people with whom she stays must deserve her but not because she wants to feel arrogant or superior. It is just so that she can get assurance that she will not get hurt by them. She will not settle for anything less no matter what...


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by background21