Mistress Of Fortune
By Fierylight
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Vacations. Vacations are full of fun, and adventure. Especially when travelling abroad for the summer with friends. Being able to have freedom, and be able to let loose for a short while and relax until the school year starts up again. This was how Echo Moretti expected to spend her last free summer with her only friends. Alas, what really happened: Going over seas yes, but getting caught up in a spider web of lies, and deception. Not on their end, but on the spiders end. Who are the spiders you may ask? Well only the most influential family around. The Valentine's family. Known for getting rid of entire families before. This information doesn't get across to the touring teens until it's too late and Echo and her friends get caught up in the dangerous drama. The kicker, the second oldest is being forced to marry after a years of refusing to find a bride. What happens when Echo gets caught right in the middle unwillingly. Will she become the Mistress, or a wife?

Chapter 1

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by Fierylight