Last First Kiss {HP...
By kmbell92
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*Warning: If you haven't read the books of the Tightly Knit series, do not read this! Read those first!* Behind every kiss lies a story. In the case of Hope Weasley and Henry Black, the two shared their first kiss with each other when they were five years old when Hope was set out to prove that girls didn't have cooties. Nothing changed between the two after the kiss, both of them spit to the side and made faces at one another before falling into a fit of giggles. Neither one of them brought it up over the years and it seemed to be a forgotten memory, until the day Henry saw Hope kiss another boy and Hope witnessed Henry kiss another girl. Now with new feelings emerging between the two, the teenagers are ready to flat out tell one another, but things get a little complicated in the process. Especially since the Triwizard Tournament has returned back to Hogwarts but this time with an interesting twist. Surrounded by chaos and confusion, only one thing is certain between the two, they want to be each others last first kiss, but will they get the chance to share another lip-locking moment with certain dangers threatening to steal that moment away?

Last First Kiss :Please Read

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