The Price of Beauty
By tzaharasykes
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Skinny, awkward, and plain ugly. That's what most people would describe Eva Farrow, a 15 year old girl yearning to be accepted and loved by her family, peers, and most of all: her best friend Vincent Parker. Unfortunately for Eva, Vince has already fallen head over heels for the beautiful brunette, Lissa Fox--who also happens to be Eva's tormentor. After witnessing the boy she loves asking her nemesis to be his date to Ball Night, Eva decides to ditch school and run away. She dashes through the woods near her neighborhood and comes across a small cabin she had never seen before. Inside, is a strange old ghastly woman who agrees to give Eva just what she wants: beauty and love, but for a price. Eva accepts, thinking the lady just wants her money, but she soon realizes exactly what she had bargained for...and it's anything but pretty. For the #JustWriteIt #OnceUponNow writing contest. (2016) Highest rank- #218 in General Fiction. Thank you to everyone who supported me in this contest. And thanks to @Fantasydreams32 for helping me come up with the title :)


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The Price...
by tzaharasykes