Desert Thorn
By elphadora
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Since ancient times, the desert people have long been regarded as masters of unarmed combat. The tribal people are exceptionally trained and conditioned to meet any trial or tribulation. Ilana being no exception. Like everyone in her tribe, Ilana must venture into the wild desert as per tradition to become a full-fledged member. But during her trials, she meets Lord Vandil: A cunning, arrogant, and cynical war hero known as the Bear. There, he makes her an offer that she can't refuse: A chance to further her training-both weapons and not-at the palace in the capital city and become a knight of the realm. But such an offer brings more than she bargained. Ilana must forge a new path that is plagued with sexism and prejudice and complete the grueling training regimen--not to mention also having to deal with newly spurned rivals aching to make their own mark on society. With war looming on the horizon, Ilana must face her fear of magic and form unbreakable bonds with her fellow trainees. The world will need them. Warrior. Knight. Woman. Hero. Cover by my bae @seventhstar

Desert Thorn

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Desert Th...
by elphadora