Just Business
By jc83189
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Nora Strong was a girl of many things. Tough and stubborn, but beautiful and loyal, she was a Texas Beauty who couldn't get out of her podunck town quick enough. Running from a dangerous past, she and her best friend move to New York City, a place where everyone has dirty secrets, and even dirtier ways of hiding them. Here, Nora meets Ryder Beckett, the rich and powerful CEO of Falcon Corp. Applying for the personal assistant position, for what Nora thought was a woman, she meets Ryder, her not so womanly new boss. After a few days Nora could tell you how he drank his coffee, if he preferred boxers or briefs and which color tie he liked best. But one thing she isn't familiar with, is his sexual preferences...and those usually involve cuffs. She catches him in an awkward situation and makes him a deal. Teach her everything he knew, with no feelings attached, and she would keep his dirty little secret. Will Nora be able to handle all of Ryder's secrets but most importantly, can he handle hers...especially after a few women that Ryder had sexual encounters with end up dead, some on his very doorstep? Like a bad game of twister this story is full of twists and sex, Just Business is about two people stepping out of their comfort zones and learning who they truly can be, with each other. But in the end...which one is really most dangerous?

Just Business

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Just Busi...
by jc83189