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By Marvel_Mockingjays
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Corruption. Brutality. Deception. Injustice. Four words that describe Gotham city in a nutshell. Sure, they may have their Dark Knight, but he's not the sign of hope the people need. He's a product of what the debauched city is capable of creating in times of desperation. He's harsh, unorthodox, and can turn entirely apathetic when it comes to extracting information and serving his 'justice'. Then, there is Eve. Decently new to the unwritten policies and way of life in Gotham, she's untainted and impervious to the corruption wrought crime capital. Eve has been aiding Jim Gordon with a few cases privately - due to her being a private investigator - but for her discretion, he has remained unwaveringly silent, despite the rest of the precinct hounding him for his suspicious efficiency in case closing. A mob war is peeking over the horizon, threatening to run the streets with blood, bullets and a high body count. With the mafia families and rogues on high alert, the last person they would ever expect to dismantle their carefully organised operation is an uncorrupted, virtuous woman from the sunny city of Greenville, South Carolina. Filled with crime, ass-kicking, deception, love and the dramatic flair of Gotham's top drama queens - otherwise known as the infamous Rogue's Gallery - 'One Winter Knight' tells a tale of Evangeline Winter unwittingly intertwining herself within the tendrils of Gotham's criminal underworld, whilst unintentionally catching the eyes of a certain rodent dressed vigilante and an ex-DA turned crime boss whilst she's at it. And when does our audacious story begin you ask? Quite simple really. One cold winter's night, in the notorious, dark city of Gotham. (Two Face/Eve, Batman/Eve and a bit of Riddler/Rebecca pairing) **DISCLAIMER: I don't own DC comics or any of their characters. I only own Eve, Rebecca, half of the plot and a few characters later on. All rights belong to DC.** **Eventually follows an AU timeline of the Arkham Games.**


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One Winte...
by Marvel_Mockingjays