Betrayed By Mr. Bil...
By PaRi_72784
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Everyone craves for a fairytale romance. They were living one of those romances. Where a 'billionaire bad boy' fell for a 'oh so sweet common good girl'. They loved. They fought for their love. But they forgot a common fact about fairytales, "Every fairytale has a Villain too". In the perfect life of two lovers, one day a villain walked in. Misunderstanding started growing. She never believed on the proofs while he never believed on their love. Then a day came and they parted without explanation. That was certainly end of their perfect fairy tale romance. But they forgot an important fact, "Every beautiful story has a sequel too" So, They met again. This time as professionals where she was stuck with a promotion and he wanted to reveal the fraud in his company. It was their sequel now but they forgot another fact about sequels, "There is always a twist in sequels too". In a life full of regrets, He turns out to be her favourite one. In a life full of darkness, She turns out to be his only moon. This is not a typical romance story because there is more to it. Because in this journey they need to learn few lessons for life time. She needs to learn, A lesson of forgiving people when she actually posses the power to destroy them with revenge. While he needs to learn, A lesson of not to trust blindly. Coz everyone around him is wearing a mask. That's what they thinks but they again ignored a important fact that "Every story has two sides." They thinks the other side doesn't really exist but the other side is yet to reveal. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Thanks for choosing my story Happy reading :)


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