Trapped By The Whil...
By Crazy-little-writer
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Xavier Whilson, is your typical billionaire who is rude, arrogant, cold hearted and a devil himself. He is used with getting what he wants and has no respect for anyone besides his family. According to him women are nothing but gold diggers. But all his concepts changed the moment a blue eyed beauty literally jumped infront of his car demanding him to give her a lift. Eva James is the kind of person who believes that money won't bring you happiness. She is kind to people who deserve her kindness and a bitch to those who don't. What she didn't expect was for the Whilson's to barge into her life and change it completely. Both are extremely possessive of her. While little Whilson made sure that no kid got her affection other than him, Xavier made sure that no man other than him look at her. All in all she had one hell of a ride ahead!


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Trapped B...
by Crazy-little-writer