Artemis and the Con...
By mr_suspenders
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Unlike her sociable twin brother, Apollo; 17 year old Artemis has always felt content with the familiarity of her small, simple life in Freeport, Maine. Population: 7,879. Well, make that 7,877. Acknowledging the sibling's need of a change in perspective, much to Artemis' dismay, she, along with her brother, are sent to their grandmother's wine vineyard in the countryside of Nafplio, Greece- the very place where running into your soulmate has had a reputation in the Pavlidis family. However, Artemis is no romantic. After a not-so-graceful first introduction with the outgoing and friendly Dimitri-the grandson of an old family friend-Artemis concludes that the only way to make it through this trip is to close herself off from the only world she's never felt she belonged in. In spite of this declaration however, Dimitri grows only more entranced; resolving to give the determined goddess an offer she can't refuse. In exchange for his cooperative silence for the rest of her stay, Artemis agrees to help Dimitri complete his summer to-do list within the following 24 hours. From cliff diving to exotic meals - all firsthand experiences - Artemis can't help but find herself breeze through the first couple of tasks. However, as she begins to slowly make her way down to the bottom of list, it seems that time - the one thing Artemis wished would fly by - has now become the one thing she's gradually beginning to dread. Finding herself debating whether or not she actually wants the day to end - much less the entire trip - Artemis eventually comes to acknowledge that, sometimes, what you need can come from the most unexpected of places. A short story filled with a whirlwind of romance, "Artemis & the Constellation Vacation" will prove just how magical of an adventure love can be.

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Artemis a...
by mr_suspenders