It's A Secret {#Wat...
By TheGracefulOne
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • animal
  • college
  • hate
  • love
  • obstacles
  • partners
  • powers
  • spirit
  • suspence
  • together
  • wattys2016


Ayanna Bluebell is a young woman in her early 20's, whose been a protector apprentice to a secret group of protectors since she was just 15 years-old. Upon the day she had graduated high school with the rest of her class, she had become a full-fledged protector, herself. But, she has a secret that even the group also share. A secret that nobody must ever find out or even know about. Not even friends or family. By day, she's a regular college student with a part-time job on the side. But at night, she patrols the sidewalks of the neighborhood for the children of her friends, who are closest and dear to her. When duty calls, she knows what to do and what has to be done. Her role as a protector, is to protect the children of her best friends, high school friends and acquaintances. Damian Rowan is a young man, also in his early 20's, who has a bad short-temper and is quick to judge, but still has a strong sense of justice and will protect and fight for anyone he deeply cares about and precious to him. He never shows it, but he cares and has a big heart. In the distance, he seems misunderstood, dark and mysterious, but he has good intentions. What's more, not only does he has a secret of his own but also the younger brother of the leader of another group of protectors. By day, he's a college student double majoring from early dawn to noon. But by night at sundown, when duty calls, he's the youngest protector who takes protecting others very seriously and will show now mercy to anyone who prey on victims. Until one night, both paths of Ayanna and Damian come across one another. Mixed emotions eventually kick in; but they must decide for themselves. However, as time between the two went on, at some point the leaders of both groups don't like what their strongest protectors are getting themselves into. Sadly, an intense disagreement breaks out and it turns into a cold-hearted, bittersweet war between both protector units. What will Ayanna and Damian do?


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It's A Se...
by TheGracefulOne