The Disguised Bad G...
By Heartbreaker99_
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He took one step closer towards me. "I know something's up here, you're not a geek, heck your far from it, and I'm going to find out who you are" I gulped, I wasn't the shy type of girl, but I wasn't confident either. "I don't know what you're on about" I lied, my back touched my locker, as his lips brushed mine before leaning towards my ear. "I think you do". * * * Starting at a new school is not easy, but starting at a new school twice is even harder. You don't know who's who, or where to go - but one thing for sure is that you can change who you are and pretend your someone else for example if you were a nerd you can change your whole look and pretend to be a badass, and no one will know simply because they've never met the real you. And for Chloe it was exactly that. She needed to change, heck she wanted to. She didn't want to be the badass anymore, she wanted to be invisible instead of everyone thinking the worst of her. But what happens when the bad boy Chase has his eyes set on the 'geek'? He knows something's strange is up with her but he doesn't know what... and he's going to find out. Follow Chloe and Chases' journey filled with: Laughter, games, pranks, arguments, and Romance. Oops did I say Romance? Well then... I guess he's trying to find out why shes a disguised bad girl.

The Disguised Bad Girl.

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The Disgu...
by Heartbreaker99_