Nothing More Than N...
By okaykaela
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"What's that noise?" Allison asks as the loud beeping noise echoes through my bedroom. She rushes over to the window with Kira coming fast behind her. I didn't bother getting up, mainly because I was comfortable. "It's a moving truck, wait someone's coming out!" Kira exclaims and Allison jumps up and down. I laughed at their excitement and turned to the next page. "Oh, he's our age. Brown hair and red jacket." Kira describes as I continue reading. "Ooh, cute boy moving in next door..!" Allison says with a playful smirk on her face. "You have a boyfriend, Allison." Kira giggles and Allison turns around, smirking at me as she does so. "Yeah you're right, he's more Lydia's type, anyways." **I do not own any characters in this book**

Chapter 1: Greetings

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Nothing M...
by okaykaela