My Vampire Nekos
By BloodDollRaven
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[Vampire Knight Fan fic] Imagine yourself in my shoes. . .You're on your way to high school, first day, senior year, from the parking lot in your borrowed car. . .I'm getting carried away. You walk down, and flip through your music, and you trip on a mysterious box. The moment you hit it it starts meowing and talking. *Faint*, well I didn't. This is my story on how I met two nekos, and ended up raising them. My parents won't let me have a pet, so would they deny me two nekos? I hope not. This is my story and the adventures of my nekos which I properly named Zero and Kaname. I'm Alondra, if you're wondering. So will you join us in our adventures? With surprises lurking around ever corner? With the changes they and I go through? Touching? Maybe. Strange? Hell yeah! _________________________________________________ I guess it's not obvious. I thought it would be. This is a 'Vampire Knight' fan fiction! Contains Zero X OC X Kaname and some Ichiru X OC! Now you all know! :) (started: 2013; Ended: October 10, 2013; Editing: November 15, 2019-

My Vampire Nekos

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My Vampir...
by BloodDollRaven