Painful Rejection...
By ThatPsychoErica
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Who knew a simple rejection to ignite the flames of a potential war? Harmony Kensworth certainly wasn't aware this would happen. Especially since she had always been an average girl with simple desires and expectations in life. Until the day she could no longer handle her mate's rejection and everything changed. But the change Harmony seeks comes in more ways than one as she finds herself in a potential war and with a dark and vicious new fate weighing on her and her soul. Can Harmony and her friends defy the odds and fate? And can Harmony and her seemingly lost but still destined love be saved? [Editing has been put on hold] Fate in Blood Trilogy: Book One © 2014 - 2015 Erica Gene All Rights Reserved Original Painful Rejection © 2011 - 2012 Erica Gene All Rights Reserved

Painful Rejection: Chapter One - The Twist in Our Fate

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Painful R...
by ThatPsychoErica