Two Worlds (Written...
By LauraTLeeAuthor
  • Teen Fiction
  • action
  • dwarves
  • elf
  • fantasy
  • magic


Two Worlds - A novel of friends and foes from strange places This book contains three parts: Part 1 (The Elfin World) Ch. 1 to 28 | Part 2 (Theresa, The Queen) Ch. 29 to 44 | Part 3 (On Earth) Ch. 45 to 72 Summary: Fifteen-year-old Lily Claire isn't a violent person. When she is taken from Earth to another planet known as the elfin world, she starts a war she cannot stop. She will plunge into dangerous challenges, putting her life on the line along with many others. One misstep, and things go extremely wrong. The enemies change constantly, from deadly dwarves to sorceress sisters. If only Lily could ask someone for tips on defeating the enemies. Oh, wait! No one has ever defeated these enemies before. As an innocent teenager, Lily has no place in wars. Unfortunately, she has no choice but to join in. This story is about an ongoing fight against evil and taking risks to save lives. ISBN-13: 978-1534927513 ISBN-10: 1534927514

Chapter 1: A school catastrophe

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Two World...
by LauraTLeeAuthor