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By BillieJean12
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Have you ever wondered what would Michael Jackson's life look like if some events didn't happen to him? If he had someone he trusted by his side through everything? Someone that had the power to save him from his tormented life? Hayley "Brit" Thames has the power to change Michael Jackson's future, and without knowing it, he has the power to make her love life again after something terrible happened to her. But nothing is that easy when fate is playing against you. *** "Here! I'm here," I exclaimed, as I found my way through the sea of people, ignoring the fact that my head was more and more aching as time passed by. "Ah, here she is," Carl smiled, and put his hand on my lower back. "Mr. Jackson, please meet Hayley Thames, one of the most passionate doctor I've ever met," he adressed the superstar who had Bethany on his lap. "Pleased to meet you," Michael Jackson smiled, standing up. He offered me his hand for me to shake it. "I've heard only great things about you so far." "I'm glad," I answered back, faking a smile, as the pain in my head was becoming unbearable. "N-Nice to meet you too, sir." At the second my hand made contact with his, my eyes couldn't see, my ears couldn't hear, my limbs couldn't move. It's like I was drowning in an ocean of images of him, of flashes I couldn't understand with people I didn't know. The only thing that seemed to be there, omnipresent, was him, Michael Jackson. It's like I could feel him invading my mind, like he was taking place in there without my approval. And then, nothing. Nothing but darkness.


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[MJ Fanfi...
by BillieJean12