Emerald Summer
By aAAAXxxxx
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((Completed)) I stay on the floor. I sit staring at the bedroom door for hours, seething with anger at myself. The more I think the angrier I get. I know anger won't get me anywhere, especially here, except maybe dead. Still, I sit enraged. The whole house is silent. It's probaby the most quiet it's ever been. Normally it would soothe me, but the fact I had been sitting here almost all day now turned the quiet afternoon silence into fuel for my fire. I look over at Jade who had barely moved at all. I wish I could protect her. She came back for me even though I told her not to. There's not realy anything I can do though. Maybe I could make some kind of deal? No. That's what got us here in the first place. Then again it really can't get much worse. I have to try something or else I don't know what will happen to her. I mean she's the toughest person I know. Everyone has a breaking point and I don't want to see her get to that place. I'm already the worst friend ever, all I do is make things worse. I stare at the wall and pace the room for a few more hours. When's he getting back? I need to get out of this room and talk to him. ----- Sheri and her bestfriend, Jade, find themselves kidnapped by a sociopathic sadist named Todd during a road trip to Minnesota. To make things worse, Sheri and Jade both know no one's looking for them. They're on their own. It's a mess they can't possibly get out of, alive.

Chapter 1

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Emerald S...
by aAAAXxxxx