Suit and Tie
By _HarryEdwardStyles_
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Harry Edward Styles, CEO of Styles, Inc. No one wanted him as a child, but now he's got thousands of people at his feet. People pay to even breathe the same air as Harry, which he finds amusing and desperate. Harry doesn't like being questioned, almost as much as he doesn't like people. Women are appalled when he walks by, his good looks and charm causing every girl to want him. A grumpy, 22 year-old, sliding through life with money and any girl he could desire. What could be better? Belle Edwards, magazine editor for PEOPLE Magazine. Belle had such a wonderful life, filled with laughter and people who loved her. She got along with everybody and was such a light to the city of New York. You could tell when you were with Belle, because the whole world would look different. A sweet, kind-hearted, 21 year-old, loving life and wanting to slow down time. What could be better? Belle was asked to be an advisor at an upcoming photo shoot. The subject of the shoot, Harry Styles. As soon as Harry sees Belle, he can't look away. Such an innocent beauty, perfect for his needs. The only problem? Belle sees nothing in Mr. Styles. All she sees is a grouch of a millionaire who is so very cruel. Will Belle be Harry's next target? Will Harry change Belle's perspective of him?


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Suit and...
by _HarryEdwardStyles_