The Mark Of A Mate
By Waterbottlewasteland
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Chloe didn't know what hit her. One moment she's living a normal teenage life- going to school, making friends, and doing sports. The next moment she's been not only thrown into a strange world she never thought possible, she's been stuck in the middle of weird politics she barely understands. Confused and unsure what to believe, she is forced to adapt one day at a time. As Chloe learns more about her new life through lies, deception, and even love, will she rise to the occasion or crumble under pressure? (Updates twice a week (Tuesday and Friday), 29 parts) ---- Excerpt: "Chloe." Adrian said, causing me to look up at him. I swallowed hard when I met his eyes, trying to keep my breathing steady. I hadn't yet really looked at him since the ceremony, and he seems so different to me now. I took the glass of water from him, gripping the cup hard. There's something just different about Adrian now. Before I had been attracted to him but this is something new altogether-I want to do so much more than just make out with him. There's now an urge so strong to just wrap my arms around him and never let go, a need to spend all of my time with him. I licked my lips as I trailed my eyes down his body, inspecting him like he was for sale. I was pulled from my not subtle inspection of Adrian by the sound of cracking as the glass I was holding splintered in my hand. I cursed and set the cup down before I broke it, standing to look Adrian in the eye. "Say my name again." I commanded, placing my hands on his chest as I stepped closer to him. I could feel his heart speed up under my palm. Adrian raised an eyebrow at me, amused by my reaction. "Chloe." He spoke lowly in my ear, placing his hands on my hips. "Do you feel it now?" Adrian questioned, his warm breath on my neck making my knees nearly buckle.

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The Mark...
by Waterbottlewasteland