Claws & Arms (R...
By xXFracture11Xx
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Highest Ranking #292 in ADVENTURE ----------- "You look, familiar?" The dragon spoke, circling Geldon with her long flexible tail. She kept staring him, curious about what she just said. "Are you, the Legend?" The dragon asks, Geldon couldn't answer; but every dragon he met called him Legend. He wonders why? Geldon shook off the feeling, and thought of answering the dragon's question. "Yes?" -------------------------- In a world full of dragons and humans, war broke out. Many of them died in battle while others survive, but that didn't count as the war went on like no other. But at a moment of war, a young woman had pity to a dragon as they were in a one-on-one duel. The woman spare the dragon's life and suddenly both of them had a connection. A relationship, trust and love. That made the woman pregnant, giving birth to a young healthy boy that knows nothing about his father. One day, they were exposed, separating their connection as the woman was pregnant. They agree to forget about their love for each other, and didn't think twice. How will the boy find out he is different? Will he understand the relationship between his mother and father? What will he do? Will he bring them back together? Or be separated? That's how the story of Geldon continues. (Just to let READERS know, that this story is all about FAMILY and FRIENDS. Expect LESS ROMANCE, NO KISSING SCENES, OR ANYTHING THAT IS LIKE; SO GROSS. [FRENCH KISS AND STUFFS.] Yeah, stupid. ONTO THE DESCRIPTION!)

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Claws &am...
by xXFracture11Xx