The Conquering (Boo...
By juliaxwrites
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Evelyn wakes injured and alone yet somehow still in good health. Her first thoughts are to find Robbie and Sasha after they were taken by rabid experiments. However, if things were different before, they're completely flipped upside down now. Experiments are conquering the country state by state, enslaving the scared humans and eradicating the disobedient ones. With a twisted monarch fantasy, experiments are every bit the dictators people always feared to be ruled by. Except for Micah, an experiment who once appeared to be Evelyn's biggest threat but somehow slowly becomes her strongest ally after saving her. Micah suddenly has the choice of what side he's on--his own kind or Evelyn's. Problems only grow more severe when Harry returns, only he isn't at all the Harry he used to be. The doctor has operated on him again, creating a stronger, more deadlier beast for reasons unknown, though, it's skeptical he's working for Micah. Evelyn is back to her distant, closed off personality, not sparing anyone a single drop of her trust. As it often goes, there are more than two sides in a war. -- cover credit: me -- -- trailer credit: brookeismyname -- -- highest ranking: #16 in Science Fiction -- -- started: May 21, 2016 -- --finished: December 15, 2016 -- All Rights Reserved © 1DLover121


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The Conqu...
by juliaxwrites