The Mafia Boss Goes...
By shiningstar105
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The most feared mafia boss in the world, some say he has a black heart while others say he was born without one. Merciless, Reckless, Ruthless and Murderous (MRRM ) are the words used to describe him or for short they call him the 'Dark Angel.' Dark because of his personality and Angel because of his looks. He always gets what he wants. He is none other than Elijah Luca Hernandez, the first British to ever rule the Russian Mafia. Meet Mia Isabel Calvin a young Christian trying to make it through life with God as her guide, even though she isn't from a wealthy background. She's sweet and has the personality of an angel. Everyone who knows her have nothing bad to say about her. What will happen when their two worlds combine and Elijah is instantly taken by her ? Mia knows who he is and knows that they come from two different worlds. Will she give in to him or will she decide it's too risky, more importantly can he change for her ? Will he get what he wants this time.


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The Mafia...
by shiningstar105