The Runaway Bride
By RealityCheck101
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Brielle Sharp is engaged to be married to Noah Vanderbilt, the heir to not only a multi-million thriving bank firm, but to half of Nantucket. From clothing stores, to pizza places, to high end restaurants. The Vanderbilt's are practically royalty around there. It's been a year in the making, the wedding of the century. That is until Brielle is stood up at the alter on their wedding day. Never again has Brielle been the same. As if a place in her heart from this tragic event is replaced with bitterness, and hatred. Tricking others into a con to feel the way she felt. But what happens when the past is met up with the present? Can Brielle continue the con any longer? Or will her vulnerability break her heart again?

Chapter 1- The Explanation

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The Runaw...
by RealityCheck101