The mafia princess
By unesimplepersonne
  • Romance
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  • boss
  • cocky
  • gun
  • hot
  • italianmafia
  • love
  • mafia
  • mobster
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Meet Camilla Ricci , 19. Her dad is the Italian mafia boss in America. Since she is little, Camilla lives a luxury lifestyle but she is not proud of it, she doesn't like her father's job or what he does. Her biggest dream is to leave the mafia and live like a normal young woman of her age . But she will meet a rude, cold, full of himself and hot bastard Valentino Albrizzi who is the worst enemy of her father. All her plans will change... Find out in the mafia princess WARNING : This book is recommended to 16+ . It contains mature subject and dark themes. There's also explicit sex scenes . Read at your own risk . You will find some grammatical errors because English is not my first language and this book is unedited. But I really try my best to don't make some. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! This is my book do not plagiarize, do not reproduce it and do not translate it.


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The mafia...
by unesimplepersonne