Honor [A Mulan Rete...
By EisenMadchen
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In the heart of Japan during wartime, Akira-Lee Yuki wants to bring honor to her family. She is not one to think of marrying, but if that brings honor, so be it. Only thing is, she has a problem that tosses her honor out the window. To restore it, she joins the men's army to help her country in a time of need, though, women were not permitted to battle. That would bring honor, right? Highest Ranking: #449 in Action! 10/04/2016. Winner of Le Book Award for Best Action/Adventure and Le Book Award for Rising Star! Winner of the WIA one year awards in first place for Action! Winner of the Fiction Genres Unite Awards for Best Action! 1st place winner in the Action category of the Shoot for the Stars Awards! 2nd place winner for Action in the True Color Awards! 2nd place winner in the Phoenix Awards! 3rd place winner of the Undiscovered Writers Awards in Action! Featured on @Undiscoveredbooks and @_Once_Upon reading lists! Copyright 2016 Beautiful cover by @AAKhan!

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Honor [A...
by EisenMadchen