The Two Of Us (On-g...
By flatkween
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Started: October 17,2017 Ended: ??? Before Bookname: The Fallen Two "You know who ever loses, has to pay the price. Right???" he stopped and looked at me a smirk forming underneath his nose. " Bring it on!! I won't even fall for you. Even if you were the last man standing on earth!!" I screamed I was about to leave the room. When he suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a tight hug. "Are you sure??"he said it in a really sexy man voice.That could make any girl fall for a God like him. I didn't know I was blushing. When I realized he was trying to hold back a laugh. And instead it came out as a sexy chuckle. Oh my God I haven't realized I called him sexy for the 2nd time. "Ms.Jameson is it possible that you have already fallen for me." and he says it again with his signature smirk. Uhhh!! I hate him so much that's it,when I win this bet.He'll pay and I'll make him kneel down before me. He's so gonna regret messing with me!!THE LOUISSE...I kicked his balls so hard that he laid down on the couch. And grabbed his you know what, saying sorry. And threatened me if he can't bear children. Then I'll be responsible for it. I hurriedly grabbed my purse at the table. And ran for my life through the door. I heard him yell my name, oh his seriously pissed.I laughed and looked like a psycho. While walking towards my car. In that moment I felt like I wasn't in pain anymore. But it still breaks my heart that they both betrayed me. Anyway... I hopped in and smiled satisfied with what I've done. I'll just go to my favorite sweets shop to reward myself. "Oh don't worry,Louisse you will soon be mine..." (Damian) ------------------------------------------ NOTE: ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE. SO I'LL APPLOGIZE NOW IF MY GRAMMAR SEEMS A BIT OF.

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The Two O...
by flatkween