Winterly, Volume 1...
By JeanineCroft
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Emma Lucas is an unlikely and very plain heroine chosen, it seems, by fate to pit her mettle against the ultimate foe-devilishly handsome Markus Winterly who wears the mask of human aristocracy. Behind that mask, however, lies an ancient being who will test her spirit and awaken the very darkest desires that have ever lurked within Emma's heart. When her sister's life is threatened, Emma must choose to sacrifice herself for Milli's freedom in an immortal game of chess. The White Queen against the Black Knight. Amidst the sumptuous backdrop of midnight vampire balls, dark moors, and an ancient castle, Emma will discover the strength and light she never knew she possessed and uncover the darkest and deepest layers of the man-the very creature-she has come to love. A love that defies death and time, taming even the devil himself; Emma Lucas will be forever changed. And to win she must sacrifice even her humanity. Cover art designed by Jeanine Croft © 2016 Jeanine Croft I DO NOT allow translations, and I condemn plagiarism! Thank you kindly for respecting my rights as an author.


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by JeanineCroft