The Day We Forgot T...
By epichorn31
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Mikey Way was on tour with his two (obviously in love with each other) bandmates when he realized that something was missing. After checking through all of his stuff, he finally figured it out. They were missing their guitarist. Meanwhile, Ray Toro was beginning to panic while he was waiting for his bandmates in a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. After spending hours searching for them, he finally discovered that the rest of My Chemical Romance was already in Chicago, where they were still trying to figure out what they were going to do without him. After all, it seemed increasingly clear that everything would fall apart on the day that My Chemical Romance forgot their guitarist. Collaboration with @RadioSpirit. Odd chapters are in Mikey's POV and even chapters are in Ray's POV. Cover by @rheatorical.

Frank and Gerard Really Need To Get A Room

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The Day W...
by epichorn31