Coming Home (Liam D...
By AmyLillian22
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It's been 18 years since Y/N ran away from home and moved to Paris. Since then, she's been through a lot, including dealing with the death of her loved ones. Now she's coming back home after the death of her last family member, her father, Joe. Y/N's life has been falling apart recently, but when she returns home, she's faced to deal with the things she's been holding back on and avoiding, including her ex-best friend and first love, Liam Dunbar. But the two have been apart for so long, can they rekindled what they once had or start all over? 'Coming Home' is a new series and the sequel to 'Running Away'. Find out what happened to Y/N and Liam over the years as they spent their lives apart. Both their lives didn't go as planned as Y/N's life in Paris with Isaac, Jackson, and Parker, took a devastating turn; while Liam was back home dealing with an unexpected surprise. Will their past get in the way of their future? (Note: This series is being submitted for the #Wattys2016 and will be completed by the due date.)

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Coming Ho...
by AmyLillian22