Hidden Academy: Hid...
By 1dprincezz
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After a minor incident at school, the life of seventeen-year-old Avasa Ryan was turned around three hundred and sixty degrees. At first three teenagers thought she was a so-called Sutton Clearwaters who had disappeared. The teenagers told Avasa that she was the double of this person and asked her to go with them. Avasa refuses, however, and drives on towards her house, leaving the three young people there. But at home, a frightening image was already waiting for her. Her mother and her little brother, murdered by a creature that did not hesitate to attack her. Pursued and rescued by the three youths, Avasa is dragged into a world full of supernatural beings. Once there, she discovers that her entire live is made up of a whole bunch of lies.

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Hidden Ac...
by 1dprincezz